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 Costume jewellery

1 Bracelet of the Shell Mother-of-Pearl(25)
2 Bracelet Semiprecious Stone(31)
3 Bracelet Sponge Coral(8)
4 Bracelets and Pendantsl(4)
5 Bracelets chips(14)
6 Donuts Semiprecious Stone(21)
7 Esoteric Pendants Semiprecious Stones(11)
8 Etna Lava Pendant(7)
9 Exhibitor of beading(23)
10 Multifiore Donuts(2)
11 Necklace Stone/Pearls/ M.O.P(2)
12 Pendant M.O.P(15)
13 Pendant Semiprecious Stone(34)
14 Pendant Turquoise(2)
15 Pendants Paua Shell(3)
16 Pendants Sponge Coral(5)
17 Rings stone(8)
18 Silver with Semiprecious Stones(7)

Ref : 1500711
Weight : 45 g.
Size : 30 mm.
Pack of 6 donut pieces Multifiori varied colors of measures 30 cms of external diameter and 6 mm of interior diameter approximately Reference 1600711
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Price for pack 7.00 € (6 Units for pack.)

Multifiore Donuts
The pieces of Multifiores are made of the same procedure of those of Murano or Venetian with the particularity of their great variety of colors prevailing the inclusions like their name indicates of flowers but not being the unique forms of inclusions

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