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 Cut Stones

1 Amethyst(25)
2 Aquamarine(36)
3 Blue Tourmaline(9)
4 Emerald(13)
5 Garnet(4)
6 Green Tourmaline(24)
7 Morganite(6)
8 Opal(16)
9 Quartz citrine(11)
10 Rhodocrosite(10)
11 Rubelite(36)
12 Ruby(9)
13 Rutilated Quartz(5)
14 Spinel(4)
15 Topaz(23)
16 Tourmaline bicolor(19)
17 watermelon Tourmaline(24)

Ref : 0001033
Weight : 3 ct.
Size : 5,4 x 7,5 mm.
Size :
Couple of Rubys colour red-pink size 5,4 x 7,5 mm Ref 0001033
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This stone is the most valued variety of corindon. The colour varies from fiery vermillion to purplish-red.

Rubies are normally facetted with a mixed cut with oval or round contour. Other types of cut are less frequent.

In the past rubies, like other gemstones whose value depended on colour, were cut in cabochon.

Stones of exceptional beauty and transparency with some carats weight are as valuable, and in some cases more valuable, than diamonds.

The main deposits are found in Birmania, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

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