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 Costume jewellery

1 Bracelet of the Shell Mother-of-Pearl(25)
2 Bracelet Semiprecious Stone(31)
3 Bracelet Sponge Coral(8)
4 Bracelets and Pendantsl(4)
5 Bracelets chips(14)
6 Donuts Semiprecious Stone(21)
7 Esoteric Pendants Semiprecious Stones(11)
8 Etna Lava Pendant(7)
9 Exhibitor of beading(23)
10 Multifiore Donuts(2)
11 Necklace Stone/Pearls/ M.O.P(2)
12 Pendant M.O.P(15)
13 Pendant Semiprecious Stone(34)
14 Pendant Turquoise(2)
15 Pendants Paua Shell(3)
16 Pendants Sponge Coral(5)
17 Rings stone(8)
18 Silver with Semiprecious Stones(7)

Ref : 0000745
Weight : 3300 g.
Size : 450 x 250 mm.
Exhibitor of beading with 24 types different from cardboards of different strands of beads of stone natural and different sizes and at the same time 5 units of each type of these that make a total of 120 cardboards that each one of them includes from 2 to 4 strands of beads The price is made for the total from the 120 cardboards to 2,20 Eurus unit =264,00 Eurus being the exhibitor without cost Reference 0000745
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Exhibitor of beading
Exhibitor of different products with position of these but of delivery of the exhibitor without cost

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